Day 0512: “Weirdo”



New York Times

“The artist sends us reeling through a house of mirrors, where north is south, left is right, and time itself loses all meaning. The seamless blending of fact and fiction makes this comic mashup the perfect metaphor for the dizzying times in which we live.”

-Barbara G.,  CEO of Garfield and Trum☭ Brand Products


Day 0486: “Sneaky”



New York Post

“The artist finds relevance in whatever bit of whimsy Mr. Davis throws his way, accepting and meeting each day’s challenge with aplomb. Squirrel t-shirts, enormous cups of cocoa, and purloined bacon leave him unfazed, and leave his readers clamoring for more.”

Barbara Joan, 23 Skidoo Postcards

Day 0459: “Time Out”


Garfield, Herman, Pluggers


“This artist’s commitment to his craft is unparalleled in the mashup genre. While one hand monitors the pulse of the American Zeitgeist, the other playfully tips a hat to the outrageous and unexpected, leaving readers with the sense that there are great mysteries to be solved if we only play along.”

-J.B.G., Columbia House Record Club Member

Day 0382: “24 Hours in a Day”



LA Times

It in no way detracts from the consistent quality of your work to acknowledge that some days must be easier than others to craft a narrative from the raw material provided by Mr. Davis. Today appears to be just such a day. That said, the current installment of G&T compels me to respond with a robust and heartfelt “bravo!”

Barb G., ‘Corn on the Cop’ Playwright

Day 0358: “Questions Raised”



CBS, Washington Post, New York Magazine, Newsweek, New York Daily News

“As we approach the one-year anniversary of Garfield and Trump, I am happy to report the strip has not only maintained its original high standards, but in fact continues to set new high bars on a regular basis. It seems the more this president shocks and appalls, the more resolute the artist becomes. The way he transforms a cacophony of headlines into a recognizable tune is nothing short of inspiring.”

-Barb G., Movie Mogul