Day 0186: “It’s Not Quittin’ Time Until I Say ‘It’s Quittin’ Time’. QUITTIN’ TIME!!!”



New York Times, CNN, Newsweek

“When I saw this morning’s Garfield I thought to myself, “I wonder if he’ll pull the old switcharoonie with those panels?” I must say, as a dedicated student of your work, it was quite gratifying to see that you did.”

-Barb of Match Game Bingo


Day 0156: “Explosive Report”



“It’s nice to see where the artist went with today’s G&T. A less skilled or less experienced person would have gone the easy and dare I say less satisfying route–taking the extreme heat and giant sun cues and focusing on the current heat wave and our current president’s denial of global warming. But this is no ordinary artist– he is a master of his craft and has deftly chosen to bypass the obvious and aim for the sublime, a goal he has achieved with stunning effect.”

-Barb G. of Would Barb Touch It?

Day 0043 “Ethics Training”



CNNThe HillLos Angeles Times, CNN

“To dismiss today’s spot-on Garfield and Trump as a softball Friday would be to miss the finely honed talent the artist exhibits in isolating the signal from the noise. He leaves us with something pure and true, and deceptively simple, but which cuts to the heart of the issue.”

-Barb G. of Frames, Frames, Frames, Frames